NetMeeting Audio Properties

NetMeeting Audio Properties

Post by Gigi » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

  Hi, I have 2  INmChannelAudio objects one for incoming audio
(speakers) and one for outgoing audio (Mic). I can access both just fine
and apply the INmChannel methods. The problem is that the audio
properties don't seem to work. I can get and set the PAUSE property but
it doesn't effect the actual mute state of the audio channel. The LEVEL
property is even worse , I alwys Get the same value no matter what the
actual volume is. When I try to set it I get an hresult of S_FALSE. What
is this LEVEL anyway is it the current gain of the Wave Data being
played/recorded or is it the system volume (or something different) ?



1. Can I change the properties of the MPEG audio decoder without displaying its property page?

If a filter has a property page, the filter should (must?, I don't know an other
way) define a private interface or use an existing like your IMpegAudioDecoder.
Else the property page cannot talk to the filter. The page is instanced by the
application, not the filter. So these two don't know about each others existance
without an interface connecting them.
At least that's the impression I got when I was writing a filter and implemented
a little debug property page. I had to define an appropriate  interface in my
I have no experience with IMpegAudioDecoder.


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