Research Fellowships at Concurrent Engineering Research Center

Research Fellowships at Concurrent Engineering Research Center

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Graduate Research Fellowship at the Concurrent Engineering Research Center, WVU

The Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC) at West *ia
University (WVU) is soliciting applications from qualified graduate
students interested in pursuing their Ph.D. in Computer Science for
research fellowships in computer support for collaborative
enterprises.  Computer support for collaborative enterprises addresses
fundamental and application oriented issues in groupware, multimedia
software systems, network-based conferencing, high performance
multimedia, multithreading, enterprise modeling, enterprise
integration, heterogenous databases, mediators, information filtering,
decision-support systems, and team-coordination. These generic
technologies are being applied to a number of applications such as
healthcare, collaborative environments for Software development, and
building "Global Knowledge Networks" that support "eco factories."
Prospective applicants must have completed a Masters in Computer
Science. Strong background in computer science, excellent academic
credentials and research experience are required.  Students with
experience in areas related to the ones mentioned above are preferred.

Fellowships include salary (1000/per month), tuition waiver, and use
of state-of-the-art computing facilities. The students must meet all
the admission criteria stipulated by the Statistics and Computer
Science Department at WVU to be eligible for these fellowships from

CERC was established in 1988 as part of the DARPA Initiative in
Concurrent Engineering (DICE). The primary mission of CERC is the
advancement of enabling technologies for the Collaborative Enterprise
- an organization that emphasizes collaboration among its many
components as the key to its success. The Center operates as an
independent inter-disciplinary research laboratory within West
*ia University.

Applications are solicited starting now for fellowships that can begin
January 1994.

How to apply

Applications for assitantships from CERC and questions should be
submitted to:

        Professor R. Reddy
        Attention: iBonnie Kasten
        Concurrent Engineering Research Center
        P.O. Box 6506
        886 Chestnut Ridge Road
        West *ia University
        Morgantown, WV 26506

Applications for admission to Computer Science Department should be
submitted to:

        Professor John Atkins;
        Department of Statistics and Computer Science
        Knapp Hall
        West *ia University
        Morgantown, WV 26506


1. Job Opportunity-Senior Research Engineer - Nokia Research Center-Finland

Senior Research Engineer-Nokia Research Center

We are looking for  a Senior Research Engineer who
will be involved in Project Management, Software
Development and Research in the field of broad band
services. The  work is part of the Finnish
Multimedia Program  that covers all the elements in
the multimedia value chain. The program provides a
framework for dialogue between media houses,
tele-operators service providers and equipment
vendors. Our focus in this program is currently  on  
retrieval type continuous media services. Some of
the research topics for this year include
application level use of quality of service and
techniques for distributed streaming video over IP

You have a university degree or similar education
in either Computer Science or Communication
Technology. The ability to analyze and structure
complex systems related to the multimedia
communication environment is necessary. Familiarity
with  software development  in TCP/IP or JAVA
environment is a clear advantage.  Also knowledge
of audio and video compression  methods and
service/network management is appreciated

Please send your free-form application and rsum
by 1.5.97 to Ciaron.Murphy, Nokia Research Center,
P.O.Box 45, 00211 Helsinki. Or by internet:-


Nokia Research Center is a multi-cultural research
and development unit employing some 600 people. We
ensure Nokia's international competitiveness by
monitoring which direction technology takes, by
acquiring new information and expertise and by
applying it to Nokia's needs in both research and
product development projects. The Communication
Systems Laboratory is focused on four research
areas: broadband, access, control, and services.
These topics are seen as the basis for the pursuit
of a uniform service infrastructure for the future
integrated broadband networks. We promote Nokia's
competitiveness in this area by creating and
verifying new product concepts, by monitoring and
influencing standardization, creating patents, and
by acting as a knowledge center.

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