webcam with ms tools

webcam with ms tools

Post by Werner Traxinge » Sun, 21 Jan 2001 08:50:49


are there any MS tools within Win2k to allow a USB camera to put still
images onto a web-server?
Or knows anybody a good *-software which runs as a service to upload
stills via ftp to the local web-server?


Werner Traxinger


1. Which tool for Database Applications : MS-Access, MS-FoxPro, C++ or VB ?


Which tool for Database Applications : MS-Access, MS-FoxPro, C++ or VB ?

I have been writing database application with MS-Access for a while and
I now think a better tool must exist somewhere. One thing I really hate
of access is that you cannot see your code as a source file. All the
code you write (and all resources) is embedded in the same binary file
that sometime becomes corrupted (then you have to restore your last
backup and try to figure out what you changed).  Compacted, A not-so-big
applications can easily take up to 5MB. When you work with the file for
a while (if you delete dialogs and recreate them) the file becomes huge
(up to 35MB).  Also, MS-Access applications are interpreted and way

Now you see why I want to change but access has a major feature, it's
easy and it's very fast to write good applications. Before I switch to
another toll I must make sure I will not increase my development time by

I know C/C++ and I started learning C/C++ for windows for other needs. I
know visual basic since that's the language used by Access. I know DAO
since it's also used by Access. I know nothing about FoxPro but since
I'm a programmer I can probably learn it easily.

What tool should I use to write database applications (forms, query,
How will the development time increase/decrease compared to MS-Access?
Did you ever have to move from access to another tool, how was the move?
Can you easily convert existing MS-Access application?
Do you know any paper I could read that compares Access, FoxPro, VB, VC,
others ?
Any other comment ??

Your help is greatly appreciated...



Sylvain Hamel
CAE Electronics

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