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Post by dghiat » Fri, 16 Sep 2005 06:08:30

I am using a Master Contents file for linking many Winhelp4 help files. I can
display the contents of all these help files from my master file contents, but
cannot do a find. I get the message box
 Unable to display the find tab(177). If I open the files individually, I can
do a find ok.

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Post by Pete Lee » Tue, 20 Sep 2005 01:38:32


 You could try deleting the .fts file associated with your help file. The
WinHelp engine creates this file when you use the Find Setup Wizard, and stores
it in the \Windows\Help directory.

 If that doesn't fix the problem, the following is reported to work in most

 1) Reopen your help file and, in the Find Setup Wizard, select "Customize
search capabilities".

 2) Click Next to proceed through the wizard, accepting the default values,
until you reach the page that asks if you want to include or ignore untitled

 3) Choose to include the untitled topics, and then accept the remaining



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Post by ktbCA5 » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 06:05:50

I am having this same problem, but find no "fts" file... and cannot find
anything called "Customize Search capabilities"... there is no "Find Setup
Wizard" in my WinHelp 4 version... I find no reference to it in the online help
for RH...

 HELP!  where do i find these options.  If they don't exist, what do I do next?

 I copied this project and changed its name.  I can get it to generate, but
cannot get the Find and Index tabs to display.  The original file does show
these tabs.

 Please advise.  Thanks for any input you may have.



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Post by cindy » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 07:28:17


 If I understand you correctly, you renamed a Help project. What procedure did
you use to do this? Did you follow the instructions in RoboHelp Help? Did you
also rename the compiled Help output? If so, what was your procedure for to
rename the output? I had some trouble with this in the past. See my posting




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Post by ktbCA5 » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 22:28:09

Hi Cindy,

 The problem doesn't seem to be that I can't generate the output.  That seems
fine.  The problem is that once generated and viewed, it doesn't appear in the
way it should and the tabs don't work.  I get the Index and Find tabs aren't
working... when I click on them i get an error (177) that says the tab cannot
be found.

 Any other ideas?  HELP!  PLEASE... SOMEONE!


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Post by cindy » Thu, 08 Dec 2005 03:22:23


 If you rename a project or Help files incorrectly, the result can be a missing
index and content file, because RoboHelp doesn't know where to look. (And
RoboHelp Help has poor instructions.) That's why I asked questions. However,
you haven't responded to any of my questions, so it's hard to know how to help.
There's only a handful of us old-time WinHelpers in the Forum, so there's
probably only a few "someones" that can help. Please help me to help you.




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Post by judyai » Thu, 27 Jul 2006 01:30:47

I have the same problem.  Have deleted the fts file and attempt to use
customize search capabilities.  When I get to the second dialog of the find
wizard, I would expect to see the other help files that are included in the
help system.  But there is only the main help file listed.  What do I need to

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