MIDI file on Siemens S35i

MIDI file on Siemens S35i

Post by Richard Spandi » Sun, 04 Feb 2001 02:37:25

I used Phoneman Pro to upload a MIDI file to my Siemens S35i, but I can't
seem to see where it is on the phone itself - it doesn't appear in the
melodies section.

Any pointers?

Richard Spandit
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MIDI file on Siemens S35i

Post by Paolo Di Cani » Sun, 04 Feb 2001 04:26:45

If its anything like my S25 it'll be in your ringtone composer. :-)
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I just recently bought a Siemens S35i phone (now that the prices went
down after S45 became available). I really like the phone and thought
that it would be nice to transfer the day's calendar entries from
5mx's Agenda to the phone each morning.

Theoretically both 5mx and the phone support the vCalendar format, so
transfer should be possible. However, when I try the transfer from 5mx
to S35, the time of the appointment is off by 2 hours (the phone shows
the appointment two hours later than it should). Since that's
exactly how much we in Finland are ahead of GMT time zone, I guess
that somewhere the time zone difference gets compensated for
twice. From S35 to 5mx the transfer works fine, by the way.

Is this a know problem and is there anything I can do about it. I
guess I could always make my 5mx believe I live in England, but that
would make Solun (5mx's astronomy program) work incorrectly and maybe
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