New World Makes Software Published by PsionPLC Available For Download.

New World Makes Software Published by PsionPLC Available For Download.

Post by Larry Sanson » Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:00:00

SUBJECT: New World makes software published by Psion PLC available for

New York - July 23, 1999 - New World Technologies, Inc., the premier
distributor and world wide Internet source for Psion computing products,
today announced the availability of Psion published software titles for
electronic delivery from NWT's web site.  These popular Psion titles,
previously offered as boxed software for physical delivery, are now
available for the first time as downloads.

In a recent announcement Psion, the British public computer manufacturer,
agreed to provide, the electronic software distributor(ESD),
with its range of software titles for the Psion Series 3 and Series 5
handheld computers. As a member of the network, New World
Technologies, Inc. is immediately able to offer these titles for sale and
download by customers around the globe.

The following products are now available for purchase and immediate download

InSync Pro - the corporate application for handheld synchronization with
Lotus Notes databases using a Psion handheld computer. Synchronize
appointments, to-do entries, anniversaries, events, and contacts with a
Series 5/3mx/3c/3a or Siena.

Berlitz Phrasebook(S5 and S3) - 2800 phrases in 13 languages covering: hotel
check in, ordering food in a restaurant, making friends, emergencies, etc.
Languages supported: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian,
Italian, Japanese(Roman characters), Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian(Roman
characters), Spanish, Swedish.

Berlitz Interpreter(S3) - Traveler's companion which will translate over
28,000 words between the five major European languages - English, French,
Spanish, Italian and German.

Presentation Maker(S5) - presentation creation on the Psion Series 5. A
presentation takes the form of a series of "slides," each of which can
contain text, pictures, graphs, and so on. Compatible with Microsoft(r)
PowerPoint on the PC.

Money S3 - Personal finance package offering double-entry bookkeeping,
foreign currencies, and interest rate payment analysis. Use it for personal
accounting or professional bookkeeping for a small business.

Financial Calculator(S3) - Problem solver and analyzer for anyone involved
in the world of finance. It calculates a variety of financial statistics,
and solves financial equations.

Expense Tracker(S3) - Expenses are recorded on the Psion as they occur,
automatically transferred into an expense report on the PC, and can be
printed out as claims for submission.

Monopoly(S5 and S3) - The popular board game is available electronically for
both the Psion Series 3 and Series 5 range.

Games Arcade(S5) - Five fun and strategic games.

Games 3a - is a compilation of stimulating games for your Series 3 range to
test skills and strategy.

Games Deluxe(S3) - more games for the Psion Series 3 range.

New Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) titles are added daily and are
denoted with a 'D' symbol at NWT's downloadable selection is
set to grow over the coming months, and will offer all leading
software titles.  New World Technologies is a member of the
network, making possible its sale of software titles for download.

New World Technologies, Inc.
Sales - 1800-886-4967