Announcing: New Version of NotePlan and New Windows version

Announcing: New Version of NotePlan and New Windows version

Post by Simon Mille » Fri, 09 Feb 2001 21:11:07

Hi Folks,

We at PalmTec are pleased to announce the latest version of NotePlan for
EPOC is now available from As always, upgrades are free to
existing users.

Also, there is now a Windows version of this software, that allows you to
sync notes between your EPOC device and Windows desktop. This doesn't use
PsiWin, so eliminates any potential compatibily problems.

Get your free trial versions from


Simon Miller
IT Manager
PalmTec Ltd.


1. New version of PsiWin with Windows 2000 support?

I notice from issue 6 of PsionLife that Psion have made available a pack
the Series 5mx Executive Pack. It comes with PsiWin 2.3.2 which claims to
Windows 2000. I've been using PsiWin 2.3 on Windows 2000 with limited
success for months now and it looks like PsiWin is finally up to the job.

Has anyone else found out where to get PsiWin 2.3.2 without having to
this pack? Obviously I don't have a right to expect a free upgrade to my
software but it would be nice if there was a download.

Andrew Schofield

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