Post by Alain Rup » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> Alain,

> I noticed in your posting you referred to disabling passwords on files
> before backing them up. As you said this I wondered if you can help with my
> problem?

> I have a Word file that was password protected and that now opens as garbage
> without asking for a password. I tried restoring a backed up version, that
> was backed up before the problem ocurred, and this opens as garbage too.

> Can protected files not be backed up and restored? Is there any way you know
> to get back to my original file?

> Regards,

> Mike Pluke

> > > I think everyone has/had this problem with their S5. When it was made
> does
> > > not seem to make a difference.

> > > Regards
> > > Richard

> > > >Hi all,

> > > >I have had my Psion 5 for 6 months now, and very happy with it, apart
> from
> > > >the fact that the matt black paint covering the case has started to
> peel
> > > and
> > > >crack.

> > > >Has any one else had this problem and what was the out come?

> > > >Did Psion replace the case?

> > > >Are the later models any different?

> > > >Regards Colin Lowe

> > > >PS.
> > > >        I bought the Psion 5 in the UK but live in Spain, so it's not
> that
> > > >convenient to take the unit back to Dixons.

> > I had that to. Excom from switzerland that represents psion here said that
> these are the early ones
> > and they replace it for free against the new covers.

> > The inside technik does not differ.
> > There is a blue cover for a supplement. The standart replacement cover
> made of different material
> > then the one that peels of is somewhere between dark bluish and black.

> > Thei did replace mine for free and you should ask for this free "upgrade"
> to.

> > Dont forget to make a good back-up by first disable your passwords from
> every singel file you have
> > protected in order to be able to back them up aswell and to be able,
> later, to replace them back
> > into the psion when you get it back.

> > You will loose what remains on the psion as they have to disconnect all
> power.

"That'srightbutimnotshure" - Thats why I have said it. I did not find enywhere al these files that
had a password before proceeding to the back-up. What is the garbage? never mind its not important i
guess. So to be shure of your observation just do a test, then - if this seems correct - insult
psion for not warning correctly and that would be nice: let me know what you find? Should-one be
able to passwword protect the back-ups as an entity once stored on pc? I dont have the pations nor
the time right now to do these clearings my self. Thanks for telling me in case you have definite
facts from your side.