"Fun" installing PsiWin 2.1

"Fun" installing PsiWin 2.1

Post by Brian Ritch » Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I finally decided (and had a little spare time) to download and
install PsiWin 2.1 from the Psion site onto my Windows NT4-"running"
PC.  Oh what fun!

Firstly, I made the mistake of using MS Explorer to download.  It
*looks* like Explorer thought, "ah, he's downloading a .exe file, so
*even* though he's asked to save it to this file in this directory,
I'll just run it for him from my own well-hidden temporary directory"
(argh!! haven't these sh*theads ever heard of viruses?!)  Having "run"
it and created zillions of temporary files, Explorer then complained
that there was no file to copy...

I did what I should have done in the first place: used a *real* computer
to download the file, then copied it to the Pile of *(PC).  Now
I managed to unzip it, no problem.

Uninstalled PsiWin2.0 as per instructions.  Uninstallation tried to remove
some shared libraries that weren't part of PsiWin, but I got fed up clicking
the OK button several hundred times and just said "oh chuck them all" anyway.

Clicked on the setup icon, only to be told that apparently I don't have
the right permissions to install PsiWin 2.1, and should contact my system
administrators for more information ...

... well, my system administrators are pretty busy people, who no
doubt will say they have better things to do with their time than help
someone install software that's not on our "approved/supported" list,
and probably won't be willing to try to work out exactly what
permissions I'm lacking (cue sound of shoulders shrugging), never mind
actually change my permissions!  Maybe, just maybe, if I speak to one
of them really nicely, they'll log onto my machine and run the setup
program, but then I'll have to wait until they're ready to do it...

So, at this point, I've gone from having a working (albeit no longer
state-of-the-art) PsiWin, to not having one at all.

Re-installed PsiWin 2.0 from the CD.  Absolutely no problem, thank
heavens (except that I can't install it in the default location,
unless I reconfigure my disks (no thanks!)). I was half-expecting to
be told that I didn't have the right permissions again, and then I'd
be *really* stuck.

So, what on earth has happened in PsiWin2.1 that suddenly needs more

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