ANN: CodeCalc v2.00 (Timecode calculator) for Psion 3c/Siena released

ANN: CodeCalc v2.00 (Timecode calculator) for Psion 3c/Siena released

Post by Otse » Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:00:00


CodeCalc is a timecode calculator for the Psion 3c and Siena (and most
likely will work on the Psion 3a/mx also, but I can't guarantee it
because I don't own either of them!).  :)  It may be downloaded from
my web site:

Here is the text from its "Changes" document:

* STATUS CHANGE: This release of CodeCalc is ShareWare and you are
  required to pay for its continued use.  I am relying on your honesty
  to register if you intend to keep using the program on a regular
  basis.  However, to discourage dishonest use CodeCalc can only be
  used for the first 30 minutes of each hour.  This seems strange at
  first, but it makes sense because many TV personnel may only need to
  use CodeCalc once in a blue moon, and I therefore don't want them to
  be at liberty to simply pick up CodeCalc at any time and do a quick
  calculation or two.  No other nags are present and the program is
  otherwise totally uncrippled and available for your full evaluation.
  Registration can be done online with any major credit card (via a
  secure server) and will help ensure that the program has a future.
  If you are working in the TV industry, don't forget to check your
  tax laws because you are more than likely able to claim the cost of
  registering back on your tax return.  To register, please visit this
  web site:

* MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: CodeCalc's display now uses a user-friendly GUI
  instead of the old console format.

* MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: In addition to PAL/NTSC/SECAM/Film support, you
  can now do time calculations in ANY number of frames from 1 to 99
  per second.

* MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: Siena support!  :)  However, the Siena lacks two
  features that Psion 3c users enjoy due to its larger screen size;
  these features are listed below.

* ENHANCEMENT: Psion 3c users have an on-screen history buffer that
  shows their last 9 mathematical calculations and temporary notes.

* ENHANCEMENT: Psion 3c users can jot down brief temporary notes with
  optional time-stamp.

* ENHANCEMENT: Time calculations can now be multiplied by a value.

* MAJOR ENHANCEMENT: Calculation of minutes/seconds/frames to "time"
  format is now INSTANT, rather than bringing up a "Working" dialog
  and taking some time to calculate.

* ENHANCEMENT: Calculation of minutes/seconds/frames to "time" format
  now gives you a greater range than previous versions of CodeCalc.
  For example, CodeCalc v1.xx restricted minutes to 999, but this has
  been raised in v2.00 to 5999.  Seconds and frames also have similar
  range increases.

* BUGFIX: Calculation of minutes/seconds/frames to "time" format no
  longer gives incorrect results with some values.

* ENHANCEMENT: Countdown timer now has a maximum duration of exactly
  one day (well, 23:59:59) rather than the old limit of 22:59:59.

* ENHANCEMENT: When the countdown timer reaches 00:01:00, CodeCalc is
  automatically brought to the foreground with an audible beep, so now
  you can work on other tasks during the countdown and be safe in the
  knowledge that you won't miss the countdown reaching zero.

* ENHANCEMENT: When the countdown timer reaches zero, one of three
  different audible alarms are played (although you can still have no
  alarm as in older versions of CodeCalc).

* ENHANCEMENT: When calculating an on-air reel's TX end-time, you can
  now optionally set the countdown timer to the duration remaining
  until this time (did that make sense?).  :)



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ANNOUNCE: CodeCalc v2.01 for the Psion 3c / Siena has been released.

This is a ShareWare timecode calculator for the TV and film industries
and is available for download from

It also features a countdown timer, bulk-2-time and time-2-bulk
conversions, standard calculator, different frames-per-second (1-99),
and temporary note-taking (3c only).

Thank you.

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