3a battery lead connector

3a battery lead connector

Post by Geoff » Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:00:00

After several lasting repairs at home, my 3a battery lead
to pcb connector has finally given up the struggle.
Psion seem unable to assist apart from a full RTB service
and a high charge for this trivial replacement.

Can anyone please identify the make/model of the
header/connector used on the 3a, or better still a UK
supplier of the part? I believe this was a regular problem
in the 3a's heyday.
Thanks Geoff R

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1. Psion Series 3a internal battery cable/connector


I wander if anyone can help.  I have a Psion 3a which I opened up to
investigate a fault and discovered that the battery cable had come off
the internal battery cable

Is it possible to buy this little connector anywhere with or without
the battery cable

Many Thanks

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