psion needs fixing

psion needs fixing

Post by Steve Nisbe » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00

The icon bar on the hinge of my series 3a seems not to respond at the
Has anyone any suggestions, or can anyone remember the name and address
of the
chap that fixes psions.
thanks in advance, please email direct

Steve Nisbet
Web Admin, DOCM, MMU


psion needs fixing

Post by David MacKa » Thu, 22 Oct 1998 04:00:00

The dead button bar problem is a famous problem.
Read the FAQ for lots and lots of fixes.
The quickest one is:
  It has been found out by a 2 year old (sic!) that you
         can "emulate" the Sheet button with the key
         combination of "up cursor, down cursor and Esc".
         Yes, it seems strange but it works! This will
         either put you into an open Sheet file or bring
         you to the Sheet icon on the System screen. To go
         directly to the Sheet icon each time, press the
         Psion key at the same time as the above
         Another such key combination has been reported
         by Timothy Giles: "up cursor, p key and Esc"
         will emulate the Calc button. Apparently, there is
         a pattern and this key sequence was found by
         studying the keyboard values of keys...

See this link for more info:

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Hi all,

I just got a 5mx, when i first connected to the net with it i saved some
webpages as html files.  I could load them up again offline just by clicking
on them ( they had a Web style icon), now the icon is the one with a '?' in
and the file type is now unknown, allthough i can still load up the file
once i have started Web when offline.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

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