Battery Lead problem?

Battery Lead problem?

Post by Andrew Hodgekin » Mon, 21 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have recently been having problems with my Psion 3 classic turning
off.  This only tends to happen when passing the device to other
people whist playing psionopoly!  I have the 'decent' battery
compartment with the divider between the two cells, and I am using
duracell powercheck batteries, and I don't think these are the
problem.  How easy is it to change the battery lead?  Is it just a
piece of wire or what?  I am reasonably adept at soldering, but how
much would it cost to have it repaired (by psion?)?

Andrew Hodgekins                          
Coventry, United Kingdom                      /\  /\/\ |__|

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1. The dreaded battery lead problem

I have had the symptoms of this for a few days (batteries dying very
and have just rung up Psion UK Customer Services to be told that there is
now a 10 charge for a new set of battery leads, and 'no sir, there is no

Not to put too fine a point on it, this is absolute crap - I am disgusted
with this
reaction, I can understand a charge being levied to cover costs etc, but
10 ????
to repair what is clearly a common problem is totally unacceptable.

I will attempt to repair the lead, and Psion have just lost a formerly
staunch advocate.

Chris Parsons
Phone   : +44-1392-382-201   Fax : +44-1392-382-488

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