Library Software for Series 3

Library Software for Series 3

Post by James Sargen » Sat, 08 Feb 2003 23:54:06


I wonder if you can help with a "does there exist" sort of enquiry?

I sing in a choir which has great piles of sheet music all over the place.

I have a spare Series 3mx and was wondering if there is any commercial
or "free" software that would help in looking after this library of
music. Preferably, something involving barcodes would, I think, be best.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for the thought, Lee, but since the software on the CD is
freeware/software/demoware then can't people simply download them
directly from the appropriate websites where they're going to be the
latest versions?  It would certainly save you a lot of time and
effort.  Websites such as are a
great resource and are regularly updated.

Also, it's not appropriate to post HTML attachments in a newsgroup
such as this.  Although they're not binary files they are still quite
large and there are people who will download posts from this group
over a mobile phone connection.  This can obviously get quite costly
for someone who's trying to download your posts!  A better idea might
be to post a link to a website where people can download the
attachments if they so wish.

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