Personal expectations & hopes for Rom 1.1

Personal expectations & hopes for Rom 1.1

Post by Chris Col » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Ok, It seems to me that we're approacing the time when little bits of info
about ROM 1.1 should be leaking out, (isn't late '98 the current expected
release date?). I just thought I'd put in a few little things that I'd like
to see, maybe someone out there konws more than me and could comment...

1) Java support. OK, but, I actually have some reason to say why I think
this is almost certain to happen. If you kept the stuff that came with your
Psion you may find a little leaflet with all the uses of it (blue front
'cover'), anyways, form inside this I quote: "Programs can be written... in
C++ or... OPL, which makes programming an easy and familiar task for Windows
users. ***Suport for Java will also be available*** (without the ***'s
obviously), for anyone who thinks the s5 doesn't have enough power to deal
with Java, for gods sakes, there's a project on atm to port JAVA to the SIBO
machines, if an s3a can handle it there's no reason a supposedly much better
S5 can't.

2) SMS support in Messagesuite (maybe not built into ROM 1.1, but it would
be nice to save space (but upgrading would be a problem I spose...)
This one againhas some backing, again, with the Psion comes a thickish
software list for all the Psion machines, buried in there is "Message Pack
(if you look at the screenshots it's obviously messagesuite)" and it states
in the gubbins "The first release suports email and fax messages, future
releases will support for GSM/PCS mobile phone SMS messages.

OK, so the above two are mearly a couple of words on paper, but at least
it's not *pure* specualtion.

Below are my hopes, with no material basis:

3) Sort function in Sheet! (why oh why not before now!!!)
4) PROPER representation of TTF font files in word (even a seperate app TTF
viewer would do!)
5) PROPER column support in word (not limited to spreadsheet tables.
6) PRINTING from the web browser.
7) Again, not so much for ROM 1.1 but a general imporvement, go BACK to the
early styli, the new ones are CRAP, they don't fit in the case properly, and
are to easy to chew ;-)
8) Advanced record function, ability to select a portion of a file and tap
delete to get rid of JUST that part.
9) Maybe an extra game other than bombs, which is a pure waste of space.
10) Ability to create associations with extensions of file, the TXT viewer
in MSGsuite 1.5 got half way there, but I want custom ones.

11) Fill in your own here, maybe if we get up to 1000 we could goto Psion
with a little petition thing.....

If anyone fro Psion is listeneing and can confirm/deny any of the above,
****please**** get in touch, or preferably posat to the NG... :o)


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