2Connectyou transfer application

2Connectyou transfer application

Post by Juan Pablo Ordone » Tue, 28 Aug 2001 15:24:48


Has anyone used the application 2Connect you for fiel transerf and
archivong from a Psion to a PC and viceversa? Is there an english
version? Any opinions on the perfomrance of this software??

For your info here is the website http://www.2ksystems.at/englisch



1. General tip for transferring data from Excel to Data-application on psion


Here's a tip on how to import excel sheets in data (for you who don't know
already that is)

I have been trying to convert a spreadsheet in excel in to the data-app on
my psion.
In my work I use information on people (yes I am a HR-officer) very often
and it is very useful to have
information about employees at hand (salary, name, position, etc.) . I have
this information on my PC in excel-files.

It is actually more convenient to have it in a organized way on my psion zo
i can take it wherever want to go. The data I use in the spreadsheets is
organized  in colums which means that every element of information on a
employee is stored in a column. Example:

Name    Position    Salary
John      Plumber   1100

The data-app is a very usefull app to organize this information in a
accesible way. However simply importing an excel sheet in Data will not
work. It works however if you save the excel workbook as a CVS file (see
save-as in excel and choose for file type 'cvs') CVS is a comma delimited
file and when you transfer it from your PC to your Psion it will convert it
to the data format used on your Psion. Very useful!!!!


Sander de Beer


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