PSION S5 to Nokia 2110

PSION S5 to Nokia 2110

Post by Jo?o Vila? » Sun, 10 May 1998 04:00:00

I would like to access the Internet, send emails and faxes from my S5, using
my mobile phone (Nokia2110).

How can I do it??

Thanks for your help.

Jo?o Vila?a


PSION S5 to Nokia 2110

Post by Death to Spammers! » Sun, 10 May 1998 04:00:00


>I would like to access the Internet, send emails and faxes from my S5, using
>my mobile phone (Nokia2110).

>How can I do it??

>Thanks for your help.

>Jo?o Vila?a

Com o Nokia2110 tens que esperar que a Psion lance o SoftModem ou
ent?o compras o adaptador esterno para PC Cards e compras um PC Card
que suporte o 2110...
Mas pelo pre?o do PC Card (em especial se for da Nokia)
o melhor comprares um ERICSSON GS18 (ja' esta' desponivel
em Portugal,parece que a Triudus tem-no) e liga-lo directamente ao S5...
Outra solu??o usares o adaptador externo DI-27 IrDA da Ericsson para
qualquer modelo 6xx ou 7xx (esta solu??o mais cara que o GS18...)
Alem do GS18 a Ericsson vai ter dentro em pouco um novo modelo que se
chama SH888 e que se liga directamente ao S5 por infra-vermelhos !!!

                          Amandio J. S. Bacalhau

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1. Can I connect a S5 and a Nokia 2110 and connect to my ISP?

Well now that I can connect to the internet via a PC, I can start writing
TCP/IP apps for the S5.

But if possible I would also like to run these apps using my mobile phone. I
know I could buy a new phone but I would PREFER to buy something to plug
between them, ( travel modem ? PCMCIA modem ) and do it that way.

Is this possible? What do I need? Where do I get it?

I'm in London,UK.and my phone is a Nokia 2110 on a Celnet tariff.

I hope someone can suggest a solution as I have NO experience of using any
sort of modem with my mobile and dont even know if it is possible.

Thanks in advance,

David Spooner

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