any news of telnet

any news of telnet

Post by Jonathan Ive » Sat, 17 May 1997 04:00:00

apologies for not posting to comp.sys.psion.comm but still I cannot get
to it (news error)

I saw a few postings a while back about telnet. I believe that Psion
have a toolkit to their IP stack used in PSImail internet. I wonder if
anyone has developed any additional tools beyond the ping/finger/time
utilities that are supplied.


1. Revo vs Outlook -- good news, bad news

I reported in an earlier thread ("Serious Revo synch problem") the Revo and
Psiwin making a complete hash of
a repeating appointment series with a few modified occurrances. I sent a
copy of my original post to Psion support, via their website. To their
credit, I received a prompt response. However their message stated the

I suppose 1) is fair enough -- they don't *claim* to support Outlook 2000,
although I find it a bit hard to understand why, with Outlook 2000 having
been out for many months. In any case, perhaps they should have left it at
that. But since
they added 2), I tried exactly the same sequence of events (that caused
trouble with the Revo and Psiwin and which Psion customer service claims is
due to a bug in Microsoft's code) with my wife's Palm Pilot, and it worked
absolutely correctly. It would appear that the claim that this issue is
Microsoft's problem is bogus.

I'm more than a bit frustrated with all of this, because I think the Revo is
within 95% of being a really outstanding product, greatly superior overall
to the Palm. There is much about this machine, from the physical design, to
the display, to the utility of most of the included applications, that is
really superb. But the documentation needs work, synchronization with
Outlook 2000 doesn't work in certain areas (repeating todos, repeating appts
with modified occurrances, no notes synchronization), and the Web browser is
painfully slow.  There are also questions about customer- and
technical-support, though I don't really have enough first-hand experience
to say anything definitive on that subject. I hope for Psion's sake and in
behalf of their becoming a viable competitor to Palm and
Microsoft/HP/Casio... in the US market, thus making things better for us
consumers, that they address these problems quickly

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