Help for MacSys on an S3a...? (And, is the MacSys link dead?)

Help for MacSys on an S3a...? (And, is the MacSys link dead?)

Post by Brian Ritchie - remove 'no f***ing junk' acronym to rep » Sat, 10 Apr 1999 04:00:00

[I tried to reply to you, but got a "Sorry we do not relay"/"service
unavailable" error.  Luckily, I had a copy of what I sent.  Here it is...]

Quote:> I'd like to create a macro with MacSys on my 3a that acts to either
> (a) switch to task if it is already running, or (b) start that task
> and switch to it if it is not currently running.

> I figure the macro must somehow query the Psion to see what is active,
> look for a match, and if it finds it, go to that task. If it does not
> find it, it will then run that task.

> I am pretty programming-dumb and have been unable to figure this one
> out. I'd really like to eliminate running multiple copies of an app
> because I did not know it was already running in memory. I use MacSys
> quite a lot to get around among apps.

You can't open multiple copies of an app on the same document.  You can
open multiple copies on *different* documents (I would have binned my
Psion if it wouldn't do this!)

Quote:> Is there an easy way to achieve this?

I've not used MacSys (or indeed a 3a) for a long time, but I think this
is pretty trivial.  Certainly, I'd no problem setting up macros that
opened my address DB etc. or just switched to it if it was already open;
this is the default behaviour for one of the builtin functions.
In fact, I don't have a macro to do this, so I'm pretty sure it was
just some kind of key assignment in MacSys (been so long, I can't
remember much about it at all!)

Oh, apparently it's not quite as I remembered.  A quick trawl through
my ancient S3a backup suggests that this might work:

PROC macro: rem switch to CDs DB
        if Fil2Pid%:( "cds.dbf" ) = 0 rem is the file cds.dbf open?
            RunApp:( "data", "cds.dbf" ) rem if not, start Data on it
        UseFile:( "cds.dbf" ) rem make it the "current" file for this macro
        ToFront: rem look at it
ENDP rem of macro "switch to CDs"

(This came from a macro to "do things" to my CD database. Can't help
suspecting that it's overkill; but maybe that's because Macro5 does things
a little differently...)

Quote:> P.S. The links to MacSys across the web's Psion sites is the same, and
> it's a dead-end (the next higher dir is a different company's
> website). Does anyone know if it has surfaced elsewhere?

I've not seen a similar site elsewhere.  The Imperial College FTP site
has a directory of macros, possibly under the "utils" directory.

Dr. Brian Ritchie, W3 Group, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK


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I've installed the MacSys macro program on my S3c. One of the example
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combination without having to go back to the system screen and use the
main menu (Psion-L).

I know that MacSys, and probably the examples too, were originally
written for the S3a. The problem I have is that when I execute the macro
it looks like it's turned the link on, but hasn't really: PsiWin sits
there with an "establish conenction to Psion" message for a long time
then fails saying that I should check the link settings. When I do check
the link settings, using Psion-L from the system screen, all seems well,
(speed is correct, etc.). If I turn off the link then turn it on
properly from the system screen (not using the macro) then it all works

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PROC macro :
if LinkOff :
  LinkOn :

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