Free Loudspeaker Box Design Software for Psion5mx

Free Loudspeaker Box Design Software for Psion5mx

Post by Andrew Rimel » Sun, 06 Apr 2003 06:29:59

Speaker Enclosure Design programme V2.0 for Psion 5/5mx

Primarily aimed at sub-woofer box design this program can in fact be
used to design any loudspeaker enclosure box.

Use this program to design the following box types:

     * Sealed
     * Ported
     * 4th Order Bandpass
     * 6th Order Bandpass

The program comes with a driver database which initially contains 29
different loudspeaker drivers. You can edit this database and add your
own drivers as you wish.

This program is free software, there are no time limits or disabled

Please go to
and help yourself.


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