Tab title tooltip location suggestion

Tab title tooltip location suggestion

Post by v6v.. » Wed, 18 Mar 2009 03:25:42

Hi, I'd like to suggest moving the tooltips which appear when you hover over a tab to be located underneath the tab (or anywhere else besides above the tab). I frequently trigger the tooltip when trying to access the Options Bar.

Note: I realize you can turn off the tooltips, but I like having them on for quick access to remind myself of all the various tools available.



1. *** Tooltip location Proglem

i have tooltip in my Director 6 project, but
when i do the mose over it does not show me at the location i want it
i can place the tooltip anywhere on the stage,

but at mouse over it is at the center of the stage

how can i have it show it at different location, (at the bottom of the

Thank you


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