Multiple slice layers or "slice sets"

Multiple slice layers or "slice sets"

Post by HiHatStu.. » Wed, 18 Feb 2009 14:19:59

I'd really like the option to create multiple layers for slices in Photoshop, similar to the old ImageReady "slice sets" which I miss dearly. How 'bout the ability to create unique slice layers that correspond to layer comps?

Multiple slice layers or "slice sets"

Post by Zack_Darl.. » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 04:08:14

I absolutely agree. I design web pages with a master layer group, then different groups of layers based on individual pages and content. Unfortunately whenever I hide one layer group and show another one, I have to re-slice the pages to match the new content. If I could just have a special "slice layer" for each of those groups, I'd be able to customize each one and not have to keep re-doing work.

Great suggestion!


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I've setup a page in PS CS3. Behind the tabbed buttons are graphics from the stage. I want to save each button state and an area of the stage around the buttons that are not on the button layer.
I've flattened the file and used the selection tool around the guidelines. This kinda works but when pasting to the DW Nav bar, it carries over a white line at the bottom.
I guess what I want most is a way to save a selection of the button and the portions of the layers behind it, as say, a "button up". Then, highlighted with same under layers, then "Down" state of button with drop shadow on the surrounding layers beneath it. That's why my selection of the "up" state included the surrounding layers beneath it.
I'm so lost.
Any help???

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