Post by Alan Balla » Thu, 09 Apr 1992 16:29:07

Well, I finally got my TCP/IP 1.2 (IBM), after being backordered since
November (guess IBM Canada didn't expect to sell many...)

I want to use this via slip across a serial line.  I find it hard to
believe  anybody could actually figure out how to do this based on the
documentation and readmes provided.  So... can somebody tell me what I
need in my config.sys and protocol.ini (and any other file I need) to
make this work.

(PS to IBM -- I know the guys who did this product watch this group
-- it looks to be a nice product. Maybe you could include
documentation on this in the next  update, along wih the readmes for
all the other interfaces....)


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1. Want experiences running IBM TCP/IP 1.2 SLIP support

Hi all,
   I am interested in hearing opinions from anyone who has used the SLIP
support in IBM TCP/IP version 1.2.
   Here in Portland we have a beautiful network of Unix boxes collected
together in a TCP/IP network.  The actual connections are SLIP connections
using the phone company lines.  I would like to tie into the network, and
I would be interested in any experiences from people who might be doing
something similar.
   I would also be interested in any UUCP packages for OS/2 if the above
scheme would be unfeasible.

Ted Mittelstaedt

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