Infoworld, Nov10 - Check this out.........

Infoworld, Nov10 - Check this out.........

Post by Steve Withe » Mon, 13 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Nick Petreley has an excellent article on VisPro REXX and the other Hockware
visual development products.

But he finishes is off with this interesting statement. Between the NYT article
last week, John Dvorak's swipes at Microsoft and these words of Nick's, the world
is becoming an interesting place.

"But, you know, it doesn't matter much how good VisPro Reports may be.  Few
developers, if any, will drop Windows as a development platform simply
because the VisPro line is available only for OS/2.  So it's a shame that the
VisPro line isn't currently available for Windows.  In the long run, nothing
stands a chance against Visual Basic or Visual C++, but the presence of a
HockWare VisPro C++ in the Windows arena would significantly raise the bar
for the competition.

"Oh, of course Microsoft would then fiddle with OLE and the Windows APIs, put
HockWare off balance and one step behind, and eventually drive them out of
business.  But at least Windows programmers would end up with a version of
Visual Basic and Visual C++ that has the kinds of features OS/2 programmers
now relish with VisPro C, VisPro C++, and VisPro Rexx. "

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1. Dear InfoWorld: Check your headlines!

I received my copy of InfoWorld today, and there is much in it pro-IBM,
anti-Microsoft, as well as anti-IBM, pro-MS. Well and good.

But, turn now with me to p. 46 to read

"IBM and Cheyenne work to solve problems caused by antivirus apps"

Eh whatsis, thinks me, must be some glitch with the IBM AV package. I read
the article closely, which begins...

"Recently discovered bugs in network antivirus applications have two vendors
rushing to implement damage control. Intel Corp's antivirus software for
NetWare can move or delete healthy files. Cheynne Software Inc's Windows
NT antivirus application opens a network security breach when it is

Cheyenne, yes. IBM, no. There is NO FURTHER MENTION of IBM in the article.

Get it? The headline writers SCREWED UP, confusing Intel with IBM.

Now this isn't a big deal really, but the people who simply scan quickly
the headlines will remember the one saying "IBM's antivirus package has
problems." Which has no factual connection to the article underneath.

"Strangely", these difficulties seem to occur more to IBM than to any
other company, despite IBM's being covered not even to the same extent
as other companies.

You may have read a recent exchange of posts between me and Jerry Shekhel
(apologies, Jerry, if I have misspelt your name), in which I alleged
that these errors invariably damaged IBM. I have yet to encounter a
factual error which flattered Big Blue, though by the law of averages
one might reasonably expect a roughly 50-50 balance between false
compliments and false insults.

Offered for your consideration (to quote Rod Serling): Yet Another
Factual Error Which Damages IBM.

Count 'em: I am going to keep count. This is #1 in what promises to
be a nearly infinite series.

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