NETBIOS for TCPIP v2.0 + DOS/Win acc kit no DOS NB access?

NETBIOS for TCPIP v2.0 + DOS/Win acc kit no DOS NB access?

Post by Kurt Klingbe » Sun, 21 May 1995 04:00:00

Am I missing something, or did I forget to _buy_ another piece of
SW to support NetBIOS in DOS sessions.  The NB install seemed to go OK
and NBTCP can be run, but thereis no trace of NB in the dos boxes.

Oh yeah... CKermit 191 apparently recognizes the netbios support, but
when one trie]s to make a connection, it always rejects the host
name as already being in use by another node...

thx, kk


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I finally got the fargin' thing and I installed it (it was 2 disks)  I
ran tcpinst on both.  It put a virtual packet driver in my config.sys
and something called vdcntrl.exe or something like that.  So what do I
do now?  How do I get trumpet winsock running on it?  Or WinQVT or
winMosaic or eXcursion?  I can't find any documentation on it and I
did install it.

Any help please?
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