Windows NT vs OS/2 2.1

Windows NT vs OS/2 2.1

Post by pols.. » Tue, 09 Nov 1993 22:19:41

>     I posted a question some time ago concerning whether I should purchase
>OS/2, Deskview-X, and Windows NT.  I received 20 responses and all replied
>that OS/2 2.1 was the way to go.  I've bought OS/2 2.1 and will install it over
>the weekend.  Thanks to everyone who responded to me.  The responses I got
>raised a couple of questions.  I would like all those who responded to me
>before and everyone else who have used OS/2 2.1 and Windows NT to tell me how
>the two compare in the following areas:  Overall speed, Running Windows Apps,
>Running Dos Apps, Multi-tasking Windows Apps, Multi-tasking Dos Apps, User
>Interface, Stability,  (Hardware/Software), Hardware Support
>and technical support.

I ran Windoze NT on my 486/50 local bus machine with 20 MB of RAM for
some time.  After switching to OS/2 I sold 4 MB of my RAM since I didn't
need it anymore and it still out performs NT by quite a margin (see
the latest byte Magazine for hard numbers).  OS/2 wins hands down in
all the areas except stability and hardware support.  My NT system as
a whole was more stable (never a trap or a system stop) but the
individual apps (if they even ran) were not so stable.  NT does have a
little more hardware support or at least it used to.  OS/2 wins for
tech support too.  Before NT went GA you had to use Compu$erve to get
any help (even to report bugs!).  Now they have 900 numbers for tech
support vs. OS/2's free inital support.

Phil Polstra                

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