Help with PS part II (part 2 of 2)

Help with PS part II (part 2 of 2)

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1. The OS Wars (Ramblings Part II of II)

(Part 2 of 2)

The general public needs to be educated.  IBM needs to do
this through their commercials!

Here's how:

Drop the current line of commercials.  Adopt a radical and
aggressive campaign to promote OS/2 in the following ways:

1.  Capitalize on the confusion that Win95 will introduce when it

  - Show them that Warp runs applications much more reliably
than win 95.  

  - Slogan: If you are going to change your operating system,
be sure to choose one that works!

  - Emphasize OS/2's proven track record & its stability

2.  Revise the image - Show Warp desktops that have been
configured to appeal to the masses - lots of color / bitmaps

3.  Tie specific products to IBM's name!  Show off OS/2
running on IBM hardware.  Show off programs like the Web
explorer, the entertainment pak (coming soon), etc..

4.  Capitalize on OS/2's technical superiority.  Everyone
knows (at least the journalists unanimously agree) that OS/2
is a technically superior operating system when compared to
DOS/Windows/Windows 95. Capitalize on this.  OS/2 has won
well over thirty (I've lost count, could be more) awards for
its technical excellence/features/capability.  Brag about it to
the public- this is something they should be aware of.

A simple, yet effective, commercial idea:  

Focus on a family that uses a computer:  Start with Dad - show
how he benefits from using OS/2 - focus on productivity apps:
spreadsheet, Quicken, printing/multitasking.  Switch to Mom -
using the 'Net, sending e-mail to friends, swapping recipes,
writing letters, etc.  Now switch to the kids: Jimmy playing
Decent or Dark Forces, Sally surfing the 'Net for info on
movie reviews - now tile all four people into OS/2 Video-in
Windows on the screen, still doing their computing.  Start the
Warp swirling effect.  Have all four windows swirl together
forming a large image of the OS/2 Warp box.  Back out the
camera revealing a Warp Box next to a Aptiva machine
displaying the letters IBM on its screen.  (Give the PC Div.
guys a free plug - also helps associate Warp as software for
the computer and an IBM product.) End the commercial with an
announcer saying:  "IBM's OS/2 Warp - Power your computer
without limits into the next century..." (zoom back to the
image of the Warp box as it begins to go "warping" through
space - hits a large transparent glass image of the Microsoft
Windoze 95 logo - shatters it into a million pieces- continues
through) "and beyond...."

Thanks for your time...



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