How to install cvs/rcs

How to install cvs/rcs

Post by Cris J. Holdor » Thu, 24 Mar 1994 09:11:04

I have been using RCS on unix, and seeming how it is free I would like to
try to use it on my home OS/2 machine.  (I have used PVCS on coop at IBM,
but thats out of my price range, although let me say its a GREAT product!)

I have gotten the and from  I tried
to install these but could not find any kind of installation procedures.
For example there is a "cvsinit" shell script, but this won't run under os2.
I checked all of the files and the only OS/2 information i could find
did not describe installation.  I also checked the os2 programmers faq to
no avail.

Is there any kind of installation instructions around?

Thanks in advance,

---- Cris J H

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