cut and paste from os2 system editor

cut and paste from os2 system editor

Post by Anthony J. Classi » Sun, 15 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am having a problem which may be system-wide, but I necounter it in
the os2 system editor. When I copyut and paste using "shift-del" and "shift-ins",
there is a severe limit of a dozen lines that can be cut and pasted that way.
Using the menu "edit/cut" and "edit/paste" (or "edit/copy" and "edit/paste"),
I can successfully copy and paste large chunks. Why can't I use the "shift-del"
and "shift-ins"? Is there a system setting that I can adjust?
Thanks in advance...

1. OS/2 system editor and enhanced editor has copy and paste size limit why?

Why does os/2 system editor and enhanced editor have a copy and paste
size limit.  This reminds me of my window 3.1 day.  Does anyone know
if the new enhanced 6.03a version also has this copy and paste size
limit?  Please email and post.

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