How to delete OS2*.!!! automatically?

How to delete OS2*.!!! automatically?

Post by Jonathan de Boyne Pollar » Wed, 20 Aug 2003 04:46:35

VB> I have found that d:\OS2\OS2.!!! and d:\OS2\OS2SYS.!!!
VB> remain on the system.

You do realise that the existence of these files when the WPS is
up and running is normal, don't you ?  Please define "remain".

VB> How do you run these commands in config.sys?

I don't.  I run such commands from \CONFIG\SYSTEM\INIT.RUN, or
as one-shot services.  

I assume that you really mean "How _can I_ run these commands

That depends from whether you use only IBM's 16-bit command

The DEL command is built in to IBM's 16-bit CMD.  So to invoke it via
a "RUN" directive in \CONFIG.SYS you have to actually invoke IBM's
16-bit CMD instructing it to (in turn) invoke the DEL command.

With the 32-bit CMD, the DEL command is an ordinary program, DEL.EXE,
which you can invoke via a "RUN" directive just as you would invoke
any other program.  (With the 32-bit CMD, the DEL command also has an
/A option that you can use, obviating the need for your invoking the
ATTRIB command beforehand.)



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