losing resolutions, no-go w/archived d-top, losing icons +more

losing resolutions, no-go w/archived d-top, losing icons +more

Post by Peter » Tue, 20 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Friday I booted my PC to find it in 640x480 when I haven't gone out
of 800x600x65k in two months... Settings will not allow res other than
640x480 at 8,16,24 bits color. Worked fine in Linux/X11 at 800 & 1024...

So I try to use the archived desktop feature... 18 minutes of intermittent
disk noise before I C-A-D. (had tried this once before, ended with error
dump screen)

So I finally run the video card's DOS install off a DOS boot disk, now get
800, try to rebuild desktop, find that IBM Works object has lost its icon.
OK, this has happened to Telnet a few times, open Settings/General, click
Default... object changes to generic "Program" object. No luck with icon editor.
Eventually open settings of another object w/same icon, save the .ICO, drag
to the icon box of Works' Settings, and it works.

Mcafee detects no viruses anywhere, what gives? I'm running E-IDE HPFS,
what's wrong? Another Warp bug & I'm heading to Egghead for NT 3.5.

Will a fixpack take care of any of these problems? Is #8 any good/stable?

At this point I'm no longer recommending Warp to anyone, and the .sig may
change very soon... Can Win95 really be worse than this?




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