Two questions for the gurus

Two questions for the gurus

Post by Kevin Vig » Fri, 08 Jan 1993 08:16:42

There are two minor problems I have been unable to solve in my OS/2 setup;
I'm hoping some guru out there can assist.

1: When I boot my system, the WPS tends to hang after running STARTUP.CMD.
On my home system, hitting Control-ESC makes it pop up after a minute with
the "desktop is not responding" message, and it then loads fine. This is
annoying, but tolerable. On my work system, however, things have gotten
considerably worse since installing TCP/IP 1.2.1. The WPS now hangs almost
every time, and when I hit control-ESC, it actually pops up the task list
and lets me select the desktop. It then takes up to 5 minutes to determine
that the desktop is not responding, which is intolerable.
I am loading a large amount of stuff from my STARTUP.CMD now (sendmail, La
Mail) and pretty much overloading my poor 8 meg machine (more memory is on
order...). I have kept my system at CSD level XR02000 since it works, and
I have no urge to mess with it unless necessary. However, this is getting
to the point where I'm prepared to try anything... has this been addressed
in one of the CSDs/service packs/betas? Any other ideas?

2: When I run one of the external DOS programs in a DOS box (COMP, for
instance), I get the message SYS0318: Message file OSO001.MSG cannot be found.
The help for this message says that the file should be in my current directory
(not *y likely!) and suggests using APPEND in a DOS Box to include the
appropiate directory. Now, APPEND does indeed get rid of the problem, but
I've seen far too many cross-linked files and trashed FATs caused by APPEND
in my DOS days to feel comfortable about using it. Putting the directory
(OS2/SYSTEM, in this case) in my DOS search path does not help. Can somebody
suggest a work-around, or reassure me that APPEND is really safe under OS/2
(on a FAT drive, if that makes any difference).

Thanks in advance!

                Peace & PopTarts,
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