PPP + PPP problems on OS/2 PPP server

PPP + PPP problems on OS/2 PPP server

Post by axmu.. » Tue, 23 May 1995 04:00:00

I was able to configure a PPP connection but without PAP.
Now I am trying to get it running using PAP but without success.

1. PPP adds a wrong route entry (destination xxx.xxx.xxx.0)
   This routing entry is not even deletable !!

2. PAP on the server always says "PAP Login okay" even with not matching

3. I am not able to ping the PPP interface on the PPP server
   (maybe because the the crazy routing entry)
   The modem txt led does not flash during ping (like it does during
   SLIP connections. It seems that no IP packets are leaving the PPP

4. Where is the difference between the "+PAP" option and the "AUTH"
   option ?

5. After the "+UA" option it is possible to specify a file containing
   username and password. Is the number of users limited to one or can
   I specify more than one (two lines for each : 1st username, 2nd
   password) ?

6. Is there anybody out there operating a PPP server (including PAP) with
   OS/2 ?



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1. PPP/PAP problems after upgrading to Warp4 (was: PPP Server access)

I've had some problems that I didn't see mentioned in your excellent
document.  In particular, when I upgraded to Warp4 last fall, PPP stopped
working.  I switched to SLIP at that time, but have tried to fix PPP/PAP
several times.

I'd hoped that Fixpak 1 might fix the problem, but it didn't.  So, I finally
performed a complete re-install to a freshly formatted partition.  That did
the trick.

The upshot is this:  Upgrading by installing Warp4 on top of Warp3 Connect
causes the PPP support to break in an insidious way.  It appears to connect,
and the modem remains online, but nothing works (no ping).  I don't know if
this is only a problem with PAP or if all PPP connections are affected, but
I've tried connecting with the dialer instead of the (customized) scripts
that I usually use, and the symptoms are the same.  In debug mode, the
dialer gives an error message about SIOCGIFADDR, but otherwise seems to
think that a proper connection has been made.

Comparing the config.sys files shows the following:

From the broken config.sys:


From the "fresh" config.sys:

  ... (many lines later)

(Note: no ';' on the end of the second LOCPATH)

It appears that LOCPATH is not handled correctly during the upgrade.
It may be possible to edit this part of CONFIG.SYS to fix the problem,
but since I've re-installed I cannot verify this.


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