Transparent WinOS2 windows

Transparent WinOS2 windows

Post by Helen Terbiza » Fri, 27 Nov 1998 04:00:00


It could also be PMWP.DLL try getting one from fixpak6.


> >I know it's an old issue: the d*mn transparent windoze
> >apps. I had this problem interminently since the old 2.11
> >days, and it seemed to go away, but now it has returned and
> >sames to want to stay with me :-(. I'm using Warp 4.0 with
> >fixpak 8, and it affects ANY windoze application I try to
> >run in seamless mode (including the program manager!).
> >Anyone has any clue to fix it?

> We need more information:

>  - What video card are you using (make/model/chipset/memory)?
>  - Which video drivers (source of drivers and version number)?
>  - Which resolution and number of colors are you running?

> All of these things can impact seamless WinOS2 applications.

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Sure... just don't do GpiErase or WinFillRect in your WM_PAINT processing!


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