OS2/Hp ScanJet IIcx conflicts or bugs

OS2/Hp ScanJet IIcx conflicts or bugs

Post by j.. » Mon, 01 May 1995 04:00:00

I am using the windows/OS2 integrated version. I can get the HP Copier program to print after a the copier actuated scan.  Once this occurs I cannot get the printing function to work for other programs such as MS WORD.

Also when I launch the scanner software I get an erro message that the operating system does not see the the scanner.  

I get none of these problems when I use the scanner software or the HP copier function from native dos/windows on another drive partition.

I would apprecate any suggestions to get my scanner running under os2.


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 CL> I was never able to consistantly get the DOS drivers to function
 CL> in Win-OS  sessions or full screen when working with a ScanJet
 CL> Plus. What did work for  me was using an OS/2 Scanner driver.
 CL> When I made the upgrade to the IIcx,   the first move was to
 CL> secure an OS/2 driver *before* purchasing the IIcx.

 CL> True 32-bit OS/2 drivers work flawlessly for OS/2 app as well as
 CL> Windows  apps.  Thers are two that I'm aware of  one sold as a
 CL> stand-alone and  included in Applause is made by Danmar.  The
 CL> other is included in Impos/2.  I  can recommend both.  The only
 CL> caveat,  they both only work with ASPI SCSI  cards (not the
 CL> cheesy 'sorta-SCSI' card that comes with the HP.   I read here
 CL> that possibly Danmar makes a driver for the HP card, but I
 CL> can't verify.

I agree. I use Impos/2 with mine, and my HP IIcx works fine.  I also downloaded
ASPIDR.ZIP from Compuserve (and with permission of the author, it's available
on my BBS and other Fidonet BBS's that carry the Fernwood OS/2 file collection.
 Hopefully you can find it on the internet somewhere too).  This finally
allowed the scanner to work from winos2 sessions.

Janet Gobeille

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