Can WebEx handle protected proxies

Can WebEx handle protected proxies

Post by Hise.Chap.. » Thu, 20 Jun 1996 04:00:00

My place of employment has userid/password protected proxy servers for employees to access the internet.  I guess they want to keep a track of who's downloading those Pamela Anderson pics on company computers :-).

Hise Chapman

PS  Which group is the preferred location for questions like this: ...os2.tcpip or ...os2.www?


1. WEBEx 1.02 and proxy server - Unable to get through proxy

I'm running Warp, TCP/IP for OS/2 2.0 plus Aug94 CSDs plus PN71501 and Web Explorer 1.02.
I'm LAN attached to my organization's proxy server.

Problem: Regardless of the URL I use, I can't get past a "Error 403 forbidden by rule. cern httpd3.0."

My Web Explorer server is configured with proxy enabled and proxy address as:


I can ping to internet3 no problem; the system administrator swears that my IP address has been configured in the proxy server (internet3).

If I try and access, the sysad monitors the incoming traffic from my IP address and sees as incoming:

/  (Note the loss of the leading http:/ ).

I'd appreciate any ideas out there.  My organization is primarily a Windows and UNIX shop...they have no OS/2 experience.

Eric Kintzer

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