Printing from OS/2 client to Solaris 2.3 print server

Printing from OS/2 client to Solaris 2.3 print server

Post by James McInin » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 04:00:42

I've an interesting problem concerning trying to print from our OS/2
machines to our Sun LX machine.

I've configured the OS/2 machines to print to the Solaris machine using
LPD and LPRMON on the OS/2 machine (IBM TCP/IP for OS/2, ver 2.0). The Solaris
machines are using the Solaris 2.3 LP print service (with the latest patches

When I initially tried printing from the OS/2 machines to the Solaris machine,
a proper banner page printed, however the Postscript code, rather than the
proper output, was printed on the printer. The printer is properly setup as
a Postscript printer and other UNIX and Mac machines have no problem printing
to it as such.

I figured that the problem was the OS/2 machines act as BSD hosts and that
they may not set the TERM and FILTER environment variables properly for the
printer model, so I modified the model for this printer (/etc/lp/model/amber_ps)
so that it would have the TERM and FILTER settings hardcoded into them
(just as an experiment).

Evidently, the printer model was not used to print these files because
the settings in the model were ignored and I found the following in
/var/lp/logs/requests :

        = amber_ps-124, uid 60003, gid 60003, size 11593, Fri Feb 10 13:17:48 EST 1995
        x /usr/lib/lp/postscript/postprint -I
        y /usr/lib/lp/postscript/download -pamber_ps|/usr/lib/lp/postscript/postio 2>>$ERRFILE -L/var/tmp/amber_ps.log
        z amber_ps
        C 1
        D amber_ps
        F /var/spool/lp/tmp/
        O nofilebreak flist=' (null):11593 '
        P 20
        T (null)\n#####\n#####\t\t
        Y catv_filter
        t simple
        s 0x0014
        v 0

I have no idea what catv_filter is, the type should be postscript (not simple) and
I don't know where x and y came from.

I want the machine to simply use postio to dump the Postscript to the printer
from these machines, nothing else.

Any ideas (keeping in mind that the printer model doesn't seem to affect the way
it works).

- James


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