Lan Server DEVCON CDROM info/survey (160 lines)

Lan Server DEVCON CDROM info/survey (160 lines)

Post by IBM Lan Syste » Wed, 27 Apr 1994 10:51:26

  This is a brief snapshot of our planned Developer Connection for LAN
  Systems and a questionnaire for customer feedback. We're interested
  in your feedback via EMail, fax or US Mail per instructions at the end.

  First some background info on the DEVCON package, and then 10
  reasonably brief questions.

  PSP LAN Systems develops products that provide network operating
  system services (such as file, print, transaction, security and
  directory) for multiple operating systems (OS/2, DOS, Windows and
  AIX).  Today, these products include OS/2 LAN Server, LAN Server
  Ultimedia, LAN Server for Macintosh, DOS LAN Requester, LAN
  Distance, Network Transport Services/2, LAN Netview, OS/2 and
  Windows DCE Run-time Client, AIX DCE, and AIX Encina.  In addition,
  there are complementary products that extend the system's
  functionality such as Communication Manager/2, Database/2 for OS/2,
  NetSP, CICS and Distributed System Object Model.  PSP LAN Systems
  has identified an API (or development tools) strategy to provide
  an application development environment with industry standard APIs
  for application portability, and object frameworks to assist
  developers with code reuse.

  To help communicate the API strategy and identify the current
  inventory of LAN Systems API to you, we're planning a Developer
  Connection CD-ROM for LAN Systems (See Note 1).  This CD-ROM is a
  cross-platform offering that will support the installation of
  products and information to OS/2, Windows, DOS, and AIX
  workstations.  It provides the programming environment required for
  client/server and distributed computing application development.
  The CD-ROM will contain the following:

  - LAN Systems Toolkit
    - Header files, library files, sample programs and documentation
      for all current products and those products in beta. (See Note 2)
    - API Roadmap Document that provides a detailed description
      of each API category and the future of the API.  For example,
      the roadmap will identify if the API is the standard or how
      it will be mapped to the standard in the future.
  - IBM SOMobjects Base Toolkit
  - LAN Systems Product Betas
  - Other Resource Manager APIs
  - Technical pubs and white papers
  - Product demos
  - Third-party application development tools

   Notes: 1) The Developer Connection is a subscription program
             that offers the latest and the best in development
             information from IBM development teams.  Currently
             LAN Systems participates in Developer Connection
             (DEVCON) for OS/2.
          2) Some of the APIs in the LAN Systems toolkit are available
             with their shrink-wrap product offering.  DEVCON will become
             the vehicle to deliver the consolidated API and
             toolkit information for LAN Systems products.

  Your input is needed to finalize details for the Developer
  Connection and the Toolkit for LAN Systems.  Please provide us with
  information about your company and development environment and
  complete the following questionnaire.

    NAME OF COMPANY_________________________________________
    YOUR NAME_______________________________________________
    YOUR TITLE______________________________________________
    APPROX NO OF EMPLOYEES__________________________________
    TELEPHONE (OPTIONAL)_____________________________________

    Indicate the products you currently develop applications for:

     ___  a. OS/2
     ___  b. Windows
     ___  c. AIX
     ___  d. LAN Server
     ___  e. DCE
     ___  f. Encina
     ___  g. LAN Netview
     ___  h. Other network operating system service providers;

 1. Should product run-time code be provided on the CD-ROM as well?
    ___ Yes
    ___ No

 2. If run-time code was provided on the CD-ROM, would you prefer?
    ___ Free of charge developer's license (the code could not be
        used for production use);
    ___ The product run-time code encrypted and you would unlock
        the code by paying the license fee.

 3. Is CD-ROM only an acceptable delivery vehicle for the DEVCON for
    LAN Systems?
    ___ Yes
    ___ No

 4. Currently DEVCON for OS/2 is provided as a quarterly subscription,
    how often would you prefer to see DEVCON for LAN Systems be provided?
    ___ quarterly
    ___ on the same schedule as DEVCON for OS/2
    ___ semi-annually
    ___ yearly

 5. Currently the charge for the DEVCON for OS/2 subscription is $199.00
    per year.  DEVCON for LAN Systems plans to charge an additional
    subscription fee to cover development, manufacturing, and
    distribution costs.  Would you be willing to pay a subscription
    charge of $99.00 - $199.00 for DEVCON for LAN Systems?
    ___ Yes
    ___ No

 6. Do you currently subscribe to DEVCON for OS/2?
    ___ Yes
    ___ No

 7. Would you subscribe to the DEVCON for LAN Systems?
    ___ Yes
    ___ No

 8. What else needs to be available on the DEVCON for LAN Systems?

 9. What else needs to be available with the LAN Systems Toolkit?

10. What third-party application development tools vendors and products
    would you like to see on the DEVCON for LAN Systems?


  After completing the questionnaire, use one of the following methods
  to return to us:

  1. Print the questionnaire, complete, and fax to 1-800-456-3838.

  2. Complete by editing as a file (available from various BBS's)
     and e-mail to:

  3. Complete and mail to:

                 IBM CORPORATION
                 Kim Wilkens, Internal Zip 9375
                 11400 Burnet Road
                 Austin, Texas 78758

  If you have questions about this survey, please call:

                 Kim Wilkens


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Don Travis
IBM PSP Lan Systems
Austin, Texas


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If so, it is a -II.  To set baud rate, you can use a monitor command
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set for 2400; the hex listing sent previously gives other values.
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