Minimizing Child Process windows

Minimizing Child Process windows

Post by B32A1 » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

My app currently has two processes that run as children of it, but I don't want
the user to be able to minimize or close them.   I have already handled the close
on the children by trapping SC_Close.  When the user minimizes or restores the
parent process, I want to minimize/restore the children processes also.  Is the
easiest way to do this to set up event semaphores in the child processes and trap
the minimized event in the parent, then post the sems when receiving it.  Is this
the easiest way or are there better ways.  I am coding this in C++ using ICLUI
and CSET/2.  If I were to implement this, how would I get notified the user restored
the screen from the task list.  Is there a Restore event or something ?



1. Child Process Controlling STD I/O of Its Child - Problem


I need some solution for the following problem.

I have one main process that starts a child process using DosExecPgm() as

            apiretRet = DosExecPgm (caErrorObject,
                                    sizeof (caErrorObject),

This child process should start its child process (child of child) and
control STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR of new process.

The problem appear when child tries to control STD I/O of its child. Child
of child sipmly writes to console, and I could not read anything from open

I tred to start child directly (not using main process) and  everything
works well (child process is started and STD I/O control works all right).

Does someone know how to let child to control its child STD I/O?

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