PM Programming, MSC 6.00, and PM SDK 1.2

PM Programming, MSC 6.00, and PM SDK 1.2

Post by Wim Bonn » Fri, 07 Dec 1990 05:19:09

I have recently tried to get into actual PM programming.  I am using C6
under OS/2 1.21.  I have been working my way through the Petzold Book
"Programming the OS/2 Presentation manager"  and recently started up again.

Some time ago I re-installed everything on my system, but did not re-install
the PM SDK as most things seemed to duplicate the NEWER C6.  

When I tried to write the STAR5.C program on page 158 of the book, I got
multiple errors from the C header files.  

Does anyone know if I need to re-install the PM SDK over C6.00, or if there
may be something else which I am missing?




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Actually, I just trioed some more with my previous problem with the
Star5.c code from petzolds book.  It seems that I CAN do it with the
C6 header files, I only run into problems when I am trying to do the
stuff from within PWB instead of using a seperate make file.

It dies on line 21 of the os2def.h file with 2 errors: C2054 and C2059.

As I don't have this problem when I do not use PWB, I'm at a loss to explain
it.  If anyone has a suggestion, I'd really like to hear it, as I have gotten
to like PWB recently.


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