MSCDEX error for DOS session in OS/2 2.1 accessing ntwk CD via LAN Server 3.0

MSCDEX error for DOS session in OS/2 2.1 accessing ntwk CD via LAN Server 3.0

Post by Terry W. Re » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm currently testing a number of DOS/Win CD DBs (~20) in a LAN
Server/Token Ring environment & have a confusing problem.  

Here's the scenario:

In my testbed, I have an OS/2 Warp machine (PS/2 Model 90 acting as my
domain controller) running LAN Server 3.0 w/ a Pioneer 6-disc 2X CD
changer on a 16 Mbps Token Ring ntwk.  This DC is where the CDs under test
reside.  I have made all 6 CDs accessible as LAN Server resources which
are mounted via domain logon.  I have two OS/2 2.1 clients (Model 95s and
9595s) running LAN Requester.  One of these clients has a NEC 4X attached
to it (for local testing of the CDs when there is a ntwk install problem),
but the other client does not have a local CD drive.

My normal procedure to install the client SW is to logon to the server,
open a DOS Window (or Win-OS/2), change to the appropriate mounted CD
drive, & run the install pgm on the CD.  The problem is that some of the
CD apps give a "MSCDEX not found" error when I try to run the install
pgm.  Or in another case, the app. did an install from the ntwk CD, but
gave this error when I tried to launch the app.  The clients can obviously
access the CD under test since the install pgm (e.g., "install.exe") is on
the CD!  

The confusing thing is that this error does not occur on the client with a
locally attached CD drive (although the CDs are on the server 6-disc
changer).  I tried installing the drivers (thru Selective Install) for a
CD drive on the client which did not have a local CD drive & rebooting,
but this appeared to make no difference.  I compared the config.sys on the
client-with-CD and the client-without-CD & the lines that (I think) relate
to CD drivers appear to be identical, i.e.,


The confusing thing is that this error does not occur for all ntwk CD
accesses, I have been able to get about 6 DBs working fine for DOS
sessions on the clients in this scenario.  MSCDEX is not being loaded in
the autoexec.bat of any of the clients.  These clients were installed from
the same version of OS/2 2.1, I used the same diskette (#10 in the blue
distr.) to install the CD drivers on each of the client machines.

Is there something obvious I'm missing here?  Is there some type of MSCDEX
emulation in the DOS sessions on the machine with a local CD drive that
would not occur on a machine which did not have a local CD drive (even
though it has the drivers installed for the same CD drive)?  I've never
been clear on exactly how OS/2 handles access to things like ntwk CD
drives in DOS sessions.

I looked through the DOS Full Screen session settings on both of the
clients & the only difference is that the client-with-CD has
DOS_DEVICE = c:\tcpip\bin\dos\vdostcp.sys (since it has TCP/IP also installed).

I cannot get much info from tech support at the CD DB vendors since most
of them do not support their apps running under OS/2.

Any hints or pointers would be much appreciated.  E-mail replies are
preferred.  Thanks.



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Thanks in advance,

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