up date dnread

up date dnread

Post by Tom » Wed, 22 Dec 1999 04:00:00

up date dnread:

        I have updated the deja news reader. See the readme at
http://www.flash.net/~tomfred/dj_News.htm . The instructions for
installing are the same although I haven't updated the readme to reflect
the new changes in Off-Line mode.

        This is a beta and there is a small problem that sometimes
surfaces with the socket connecting. Shutting the program down and
restarting will resume where you left off. If you notice this behavior
copy the error message and the last line at the bottom of the window.
This will help find the point that it is occuring.

       Remove X For Mail

      Posted With DNREAD 130B6


1. UPS Support for OS/2: APC Back-UPS 650 Pro

OS/2 Users asks for help:

"I have just been given an APC Back-UPS 650 Pro.

I'm trying to interface it to OS/2 to provide automatic
shut-downs when the batteries are about to fail.  I
found a utility that claims to work on Hobbes.  But
it does not seem to work.  I sent a message to the author
but he is not responding (yet, he might be on vacation, etc.)

Does anyone know of any other source of support?  Obviously
I would like complete support for all the features available.
However, what I want and need most is a signal that the batteries
are running out and the system better be shut down to avoid losing
data.  Making major use of HPFS, it is a real pain when the system
is shut down abruptly even if no data is in danger."

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