Q: AMI Pro and tables

Q: AMI Pro and tables

Post by jdho » Fri, 10 May 1996 04:00:00

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Is there any method of marking a table so that the header row is re-printed
when the table goes to an other page???  A pointer into the docs would help.

(This is AMI Pro for OS/2)

Thanks in advance,

// John Holt
// No disclaimer!


1. Ami Pro 3 WEIRD Warp problem...tables don't print anymore...

 I just installed Warp on my P90 and am having a WEIRD Ami Pro problem.
When I tried to print my 2x8 table I got NO WORDS IN THE BOXES, just the
BORDERS!! If I shrink the font enough it works (from the original 60pts
Avalon True Type).  All my other docs print fine. It's not the specific
document either, as if I create it fresh the same problem happens.  It's
as if the font is too big for the cell (it's NOT, I've used it PERFECTLY
with Windows 3.11 for YEARS).  In addition, the printing goes pretty
slow, I don't get back AMI for a number of seconds. MUCH slower than
with Win 3.11 by itself. Any suggestions??

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