Spring Comdex: Nice Try Fall Comdex:??

Spring Comdex: Nice Try Fall Comdex:??

Post by Jon C Aust » Thu, 18 Nov 1993 21:59:14

At Spring Comdex, the Nice Try t-shirt came out,
just to do some fun needling?

Is anything hitting the floor this comdex for
OS/2 SE for Windoze 3.1?


        Soft Drink Can

        Diet OS/2  or OS/2 Lite
        now Gatefree

        "All the power with none
         of those unwanted royalities"

just a few thoughts....Team OS/2. Are you out there???

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 >>  That sound you hear is the voices of hundreds of Team OS2
 >> members as they get pumped for the biggest event of the year -
 >> Fall Comdex, a.k.a. Victory In Vegas! They'll be coming from all
 >> over the planet: the wheat fields of Canada, the fjords of
 >> Denmark, the neon-lit streets of

 n> The last time I checked the map Dennmark showed no signs of
 n> having fjords. :-) Now, if you really want to see fjords -
 n> Norway is  the place to go. And we are only ca 60Km (37 US
 n> miles) north of Dennmark  :-) :-)

(*LAUGH*)  Steve, he got you GOOD here!!!!   This gets back for your singing
"knights of the round logo" once too many times ;-)  It's back to school for
you (*grin*)

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