Bypassing Dialer Settings W/BOOTP.EXE HElp!!!

Bypassing Dialer Settings W/BOOTP.EXE HElp!!!

Post by Joselito H Tagar » Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I connect to the internet through an external dialer that directly access
the modem to connect, then runs bootp.exe to aquire the server addresses
(which change at each connect, thus requiring bootp).  This works fine for
webex/telnet/tn3270/ftp, but any mail client will not work.  It seems to
look at the IBM Internet Dialer for any POP/SMTP server configuration, but
I can't put any permanent numbers in the fields there.  How do I get
around this?

Netcomber's news reader won't even access the right news server, and I
can't find a place to tell it to go to! HELP!  I have to use free agent in
a win/os2 seamless session to do it.

BTW, is there anyway that windows internet progs work using the os/2
internet dialers?  I usually have to use winsock to work the windows


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