DOS does not work anymore (WARP)

DOS does not work anymore (WARP)

Post by P. van Meu » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 16:51:00

          I do notuse DOS that often anymore but when I tried to
          install the battletech demo, I was greeted with an error

The program caused an exception:

07f000ea 7df75800
cs:eip c000:00007585
ss:esp 9fee:000000dc

flg 20046

all others 0 or ******

I installed the service pack.
Btw when I run NR/2 while starting DOS, NR/2 aborts with :

Error changing text in the main subscription window.

          What is going on, this is weird.  Why the interaction
          between DOS and NR/2

Pim van Meurs

     The Future is not what it used to be


1. COM1 in DOS, COM2 in another DOS is not working

     Thanks to all who posted suggestions for my COM1 + COM2 problem.  A
  quick recap:

-    I want to have  one DOS box running  Qmodem using COM1 and  another
- DOS running my BBS using COM2 (very  easy to do with DESQview).  I use
- the following (in my CONFIG.SYS):
-    I'm currently using:
-    DEVICE=c:\os2\com16450.sys COM1 3F8 4
-    DEVICE=c:\os2\com16550.sys COM2 2F8 3

     The suggestions consisted  of variations of:   Take out  CONFIG.SYS
  line x, or  lines x and  y conflict with  lines z and  t. Well, what I
  didn't make clear in my original post is that I've already tried every
  logical combination of COM CONFIG.SYS settings.  In paticular, I tried
  taking out all the lines  mentioned above and I've tried  removing all
  but the following:


     As I said before, I get either:
  A) SYS1798 - the comm port is being used by another application.
  B) The Qmodem session (at 2400  baud) drops characters.

     IF there  is someone  using OS/2  and is  able to  start up two DOS
  sessions with a comm pgm using COM1  in one and a comm pgm using  COM2
  in another:

     I would love to hear from you!

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