WARP Connect, Netware 3.x/4.x, and attaching to servers

WARP Connect, Netware 3.x/4.x, and attaching to servers

Post by TSS.. » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I'm working out a bit of a problem....

Need to attach a WARP Connection workstation to 15+ NW servers
    each with different ids/passwords.
Need to be able to perform the attaches all at once, in a single
    cmd or bat file
Need to be able to pass passwords via pipe or other mechanism, so
    than an operations center can house the system in a lights out

I've got OS/2 login.exe 4.06, but what I really need is to login
to no server, and attach to all. I can then do maps as I need them.

I've tried using a DOS attach from a 3.11 server, but it seems to be
hard coded at allowing only 7 attachments no matter how I configure

What I'm looking for:

   is there an OS/2 attach out there that works with Warp, and goes
   above 7 connections?

   is there a way to stuff ids and such into a batch calling of
   nwtools.exe, which does allow for some modern functions.

please e-mail replies. Followup to list at your own choice.


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1. Warp Connect Upgrade Problems Connecting to Netware 3.11 Server

I'm having problems installing the upgrade from Warp 3.0 to Warp Connect.
I have the red pack upgrade to red pack Warp 3.0 (i.e. no Win-OS/2).

Back with Warp I had the Netware requester working o.k., but now with the
Warp Connect upgrade installed  I get a REQ0815 error and I can no longer
connect to the local Netware server.  

I hopped into an OS/2 box and typed HELP REQ0815 - this is supposed to
give a detailed message on the error.  All I got was that it couldn't
find the message file.  I did a DIR/S on the disk but it wasn't anywhere
on the disk - well there's a user friendly install!!

After reading this group I've deduced that the REQ0815 means that Warp
can't find a server to connect to.

After phoning IBM last week, I've fiddled with protocol frames, I've
removed all protocols and reinstalled just the Netware Requester and
802.2 but still haven't managed to connect to the Netware server.  I have
a NE2000 clone card (Ether-16) so I chose the Eagle Technologies NE2000+
card from the list of available adapters.  I'm using the same NET.CFG I
used prior to the upgrade.

I still haven't heard back from IBM so I phoned them today.  The chap who
was supposed to be dealing with my problem wasn't in but had left a note
on my incident report to say that I wasn't covered by a support contract
and therefore wasn't eligible for any help.  I would have thought he
would have the courtesy to phone me and let me know that.

In the box I received with Warp Connect there was a red coloured document
saying I have a complimentary service contract until the 31st of October.

The Warp Connect support specialist is supposed to be phoning me back but
that was three hours ago now.

Maybe I should have another go at removing all the protocols again.  
Maybe there's some hidden files that have affected the reinstallation
somehow.  Does anyone in this news group have any suggestions?

John Threadgill
New Zealand Forest Research Institute

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