PROGMAN.INI modified by win-os2 crashes win-dos

PROGMAN.INI modified by win-os2 crashes win-dos

Post by Vace Kundak » Fri, 10 Mar 1995 06:46:51

I have an update to the problem I posted earlier:  Going back to the
pre-fixpack WINOS2.COM does not fix the problem.  The problem was:

Symptom:  Windows under DOS would not start (some kind of fault in PROGMAN
running GDI.EXE offset 0001:4xxx or some such error) after installing fixpack.
Windows works fine under OS2, but you cannot run Windows if you boot your DOS

Diagnosis: WIN-OS2 modifies PROGMAN.INI display.drv= line using whatever is on
the the fdisplay.drv= line in system.ini.

Any ideas how to fix this other than editing progman.ini every time I switch
from warp to dos boot?

Is replacing display.drv= line in PROGMAN.INI normal behavious for WIN-OS2?


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A friend has a Database based upon the Progress system running on her Novell
3.12 Server. She is about to have a Windows based client (Progress vsn 7.3c or d)
installed on some of her windows 3.11 machines. The problem is that apparently this client
will only run with Program manager Vsn 3.11 and NOT with vsn 3.1

If you look at the "About" info for the Win-OS2 program manager, it says that it's Vsn

The machine is running Fixpack 17 so The question is..... is Win-OS2 prog manager
equivalent to Microsoft Prog manager 3.1 or 3.11?

Any help would be appreciated.


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