UltiMail LITE and ISO 8859-1 problems

UltiMail LITE and ISO 8859-1 problems

Post by Jesper Kehl » Wed, 14 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I am having big time trouble using UltiMail LITE with ISO 8859-1

Whenever I write or read letters using US-ASCII 7-bit characters only
(ABCDEF...), I have no problems at all.

But when I write a letter containing e.g. danish characters (in the 8-bit
range) or when I receive such a letter, UltiMail LITE will activate it's
ISO 8859-1 to IBM CODEPAGE 850 converter and we're in trouble.

All CR/LF's are being converted to LF's which UltiMail LITE really cannot
handle alone.  A single LF character is translated to a 0xFF, wrapping all
lines in the letter to one line.

Also, in the .ENV files, that UltiMail creates, it states that it cannot
handle MIME archives, though it is putting in a MIME-Version line itself.

So, how do I tell UltiMail LITE to handle LF's properly when standalone and
how do I tell UltiMail LITE to handle MIME correctly?


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I subscribe to a mailing list that gives weekly bulletins.  These bulletins
were ok until two weeks ago when the formatting went away and I got nearly
80 characters on every line!

The only difference I see is the originator upgraded his mailer and the
"text/plain, character set =" MIME part line went from a character set of
"default" to a character set of "ISO-8859-1".

The interesting part is the text file stored is formatted correctly, but the
formatting is not followed when displayed in the mail program.

Is there any way to fix the problem, or do I have to edit the env file to
change the character set back to default?

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