Quest Quake Editor: Person to Port And/Or Continue Project Needed !

Quest Quake Editor: Person to Port And/Or Continue Project Needed !

Post by Martin Hryniewieck » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

This is to let everyone interested, that authors of Quest Editor:
Trey Harrison & Chris Carollo have decided for various reasons
to stop their developement. The source code for Quest will be made
available to people who want (and can) port it to other platforms,
and/or continue DOS development. This is a great chance to get an
excellent DOS editor and possibly port it to OS/2. Without Quest
anyone who designs Quake levels in OS/2 will be in trouble. I would
love to see a native OS/2 version of the editor, but a continued,
DOS working version would be sufficient, too.
I have no credentials or experience to take the project myself, but
I know, that there is a lot of good OS/2 and DOS programmers
out there, that could take on this task.

The Quest WEB Page is at

If you need any editional information, or have suggestions/proposals:

be able to follow all the newsgroups.


This information has been posted by a person in no way connected
to the authors of Quest. They can change their mind and not make
source available, and whatever else can happen. If you are interested
check it out. I guess anyone who designs Quake levels and can't or
doesn't want to use Windows '95 for it, should be concerned about
Quest. Not necessarily OS/2 users only <g>.
How about porting it to Java ? Don't flame me, I don't know if it
could be done <g>.




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